Show: may 27,2012

All of my ponies were very good today! Garnet scored super well (67%+) earning her first and second. Chandler was still a freak but he did the best he could do today: fifth and sixth. Woo! Even the special ed horse beat someone! Gin gave me the best tests he’s ever done at a show. We placed first and second, beating my trainer and her really really nice kick ass horse (I don’t know how that happened I actually think the judge might have had something against Andalusians or something because I don’t see how I could have gotten a better score than my trainer with the mistakes I made).

I’m just really pleased with how my horses did today even with a super harsh judge.

But now that dressage show is over, it’s time to get back into regular jump mode. Garnet needs to get started over fences!!  

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May 20, 2012

Passed the western D3 rating easily. Had the most flawless gate in my trail course. Bill was awesome! I’m pretty sure I’m one of the first people (I could actually be a first) in the country. I’ll for sure be the first C2 western… AND DEFINITELY THE FIRST ON A MULE. I’m taking that in a few weeks since nationals likes you to wait a little bit in between ratings. It helps only having to do the riding and turn-out parts. Quickest rating ever. 

I longed Q tonight and she was moving SO nicely. I was just standing there in awe at how fucking nice my mare is. She is definitely feeling better. Two more days of longeing and she can get back into a regular schedule!

I’m so excited. 

Garnet on the other hand thinks that staying straight is much too hard and going sideways is way more fun. My left arm is about to fall off from having so much on the outside. She was so insulted and bucked/leaped into the air when I tapped her with the whip. 

Mares. Soooo dramatic. 

Gin jumped great today, tiny 2’6” stuff but he’s showing this weekend and hasn’t jumped in a while so we didn’t want to make him sore. Chandler twisted his shoe and I don’t have shoe pullers here with me and while I am pretty strong, I am not strong enough to rip a shoe with clips off his hoof so farrier is coming first thing tomorrow. So I just did in-hand work with him. I think he enjoyed being messed with. He was brave with most of the trail obstacles. The tractor tire freaked him out but he got a foot in it so it’s little, but still progress! :)

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Miss Q’s vet appointment: May 18, 2012

Took Q to the vet this morning and had her adjusted. Her entire ribcage was twisted and her pelvis was out, most likely caused by a fall in the pasture. She also had some minor ulcers from being uncomfortable. She’s being started on some ulcerguard and it should clear up soon. 

The vet cleared her for light longeing Sunday and Monday. Tuesday she can go back to work under saddle and work in the canter on the longe. From there, it’s just a matter of conditioning her back into working shape. 

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Rides and Lesson: May 17, 2012

I’ve decided to start documenting my rides and training again this summer. I doubt anyone is interested in my daily training but since I have five horses now, I need something to keep me on track and organized. Soo just deal with it. :)

Gin first. It had been over a week since he last worked and we started off a bit rough. He’s so easy to get into a fight with I just have to remember to stand my ground and he eventually gives in. Worked on lots of 10m canter circles, lengthenings, and alternating renver/travers as well as shoulder-in. I need to remember to make transitions and all movements at specific letters in the arena and not just when it’s convenient. By the end of the ride, he was extremely light in the front and supple. I’m just hoping the downwards become more fluid. Overall, he’s becoming more enjoyable to ride.. I need to keep remembering that when things get hard. Moving up levels and asking for more collection is going to have some rough spots but it’ll get there. 

I can kind of understand why some people have trouble getting the most from Silver. He requires a lot of strength and someone to tell him straight-up “this is how we do things, get over it” but as long as you have a solid core, outside aids, and move him forward, there really is a lovely dressage pony in there. He struggled with lateral work today. I’d ask him to move away from my leg and instead he’d move into it causing me to use the whip a little more frequently today. It wasn’t pretty but by the end of the ride, he was listening extremely well. Lengthenings were so fun to ride. A few bucks in the canter today but stayed round..  when it gets difficult, Silver always has to voice his opinion. 

Lesson on Garnet was physically and mentally exhausting. The extremely green ones require so much accuracy from the rider. She has no idea what straight means so I had to be there every step of the way for her. The leg-yield is coming together. I wish my left arm was stronger, my right side is so dominant, I really need to work on the left side. She gave me some canter today! It was great! We ended with some walk-halt transitions, paying close attention to her left hind, making sure it wasn’t trailed behind. 

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