Ian Millar rolling around Palgrave like a badass

Caledon National
Palgrave 2014
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Hola peeps! I am never really on this tumblr that often but I’ll try to do better.. A few updates:

Chandler left to go live in San Antonio with a girl that’s pretty crazy about him. I hope he’s behaving himself haha.. 

I haven’t been riding much lately because I fractured my fibula.

However, I have been riding Q without irons a few times a week and she’s improving so much. My trainer rides her the other days since I really shouldn’t even be on a horse but y’know, can’t be tamed ;) 

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Caledon National
Palgrave 2014
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I still want him (her?) so badly!
A little bareback hack for  the silly pony this afternoon 😁
Fans are on, barn smells like fly spray, pony is exhausted, human is even more exhausted. Yup, it’s summer. ☀️😎
Look who went for a swim with us
“Mares are more difficult, but when you get a good one they’re better. It’s because they’re smarter. I guess thats just the feminist in me” —Jimmy Wofford || 💙👑