Sunday Funday! ☀️✌️😜
Out on an evening hack with the bestie. 😊 @heygirlsaygirl



If y’all wanna give me some input or ideas on custom bonnet combinations and colors, I’d really appreciate it and will buy you a coffee. Seriously. I need help. I need 2 bonnets! My barn’s colors are grey and navy. I prefer to stay more conservative. However, lighter “fun” colors (i.e light blue, pink, purple, etc) are alright with me. I’m thinking I’ll have one with my barn’s color and logo on it and then get another that’s a little more individual and random with the color. 

SOOOO I’m open to all suggestions!! :D

please! :D

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Anonymous asked: Why are you selling all your ponies :O

With college, having an unlimited supply of horses to ride bc working student, and soccer.. I don’t really need 3 horses. So, the plan is to sell all three and get one really nice one with the money I make/save from not paying 3 boards every month.. :)

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Anonymous asked: After they sell are you looking for another horse?


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“This is dressage, it is meant to be like a ballet, Mr. Clark, not a barn dance”“Now, some of you may have come here with the impression that dressage is frightfully boring compared to the greater glories of the cross country event. This is because you all lack sophistication, amongst other things.” “The origins of dressage, however, are very deeply rooted in the classical tradition, so you just have to approach every dressage test as if it were a concerto of Bach. That’s Bach as in the German composer, Mr. Armstrong, not Bach as in Dog.” 

I love this movie.
Best squishy.
We cute yet?